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Our Story

​Meet Owner--Dr.Qi Wang

During these unprecedented times, every decision needs to be made with a careful and critical eye. After working in the medical research and service field for over 10 years, I’ve decided to continue my family practice and create herbal teas based on traditional Chinese medicine.


It’s clear to me that we are experiencing rapid population growth and a quickly aging demographic with an increase in global chronic diseases. I’ve seen from experience the surprising effect of TCM in treating chronic pain and common illnesses . The efficiency of TCM fighting COVID-19 which has also astonished me. 

With these observations, I’ve finally decided to use my family’s ancestral recipes to develop my “Qing” herbal tea series. “Qing” means pure, distinct, calm, just and honest, and to settle, clear up or purge. With these teas, I hope to help people prevent illness and soothe discomfort in a simple way. 

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